The Importance of a Lifestyle Change

Why do a lifestyle change and not a diet? Don’t people succeed at diets all the time? After all, you’re always hearing about these success stories. Well, to be honest, most of the people that go on diets don’t stick with them long enough to see results. The ones that do usually gain it all back. Why is that?

Most diets are too restrictive. There are three macronutrients, protein, carbs, and fats. Diets usually take away one of these. When you take away one of these, it gets harder and harder to avoid it over the long term. That’s probably why they call it a diet and not a lifestyle change. The thing is, once you add back in the macronutrient that you took away, most of the time you gain the weight back.

An important thing to remember is that when you lose weight, you need to forever change your eating habits. Hence the words, lifestyle change. Now, does that mean that you need to stick with something that makes you miserable? No! You need to find replacements for your unhealthy eating habits that you can live with. You don’t have to give up everything, but see if there are any simple changes that you can make. You can switch to 100% whole wheat bread, stop drinking juice, and/or cut your portions in half.

It’s OK to get discouraged at first. You may feel like everyone else gets to eat “normally” while you have to eat a very strict way. I’m not going to pretend that it’s always easy, but the payoff is more than worth it. You look and feel a whole lot better and your whole outlook on life changes. If you get a little discouraged, I’m here for you. Don’t forget that!