My Healthy Breakfast for Students

Welcome to another healthy eating challenge! This week I’m going to help you make a healthy breakfast sandwich. It’s not only frugal, but it fills you up. Here are the ingredients and prices.

18 Eggs- $4.74

Borden’s Skim Milk Cheese- $2.50 for 16 Slices

Thomas’100% Whole Wheat English Muffins- $2.18 for 6

Now, here are the prices rounded down to what was used.

2 Egg Whites- 53 Cents

1 Slice of Cheese- 16 cents

Whole Wheat English Muffin- 37 Cents

Here are the calories of each one.

Egg Whites- I believe it’s 16 calories per egg white.

Cheese- 30 Calories

English Muffin- 120 Calories

This breakfast came to a grand total of $1.06. That’s less than an Egg McMuffin!