About This Site

My name is Sarah DeArmond. I lost 100 pounds and now want to help others. You can find me talking about health, fitness, and healthy living here. You can follow me on Twitter here!

I also have a husband named Sean and we have a dog named Baxter. I am a devout Christian and a mental health advocate as well.

For media inquiries, please contact me at brockstar86@yahoo.com


2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am very motivated by your story. I was also diagnosed with prediabetes. I was diagnosed with major depression in my 20s and gained weight rapidly from my meds. I was also slim in my youth. However, it was hard for me to lose weight but I realized that I have to keep trying I have a wonderful boyfriend a great encourager. It is very hard to deal with on top of mental health but I signed up to do the Army 10 miler race in October so it will be my first long race and I am going to train to work on getting healthier. Thank you for sharing your story I didn’t realize that I am NOT alone and they are people around that have similar stories.


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