On Juggling Food and Work

I had a bit of a crazy schedule these past three days. I cleaned at one of my church’s branches during Vacation Bible School. It was very rewarding and I would do it again in a second. I truly love everything about my job. The thing is, when you’re working around ten hours a day, beginning at 6 am, it’s hard to fit in food.

I know that sounds like a silly problem. I’ve got a well paying job that I love deeply and I’m whining about fitting in food? Cry me a freaking river! I get how that sounds and I don’t mean to complain about nothing. I’m writing this to tell you that when you’re working a very physically demanding job, you need calories.

To the church’s credit, there was always food available that they offered me. They were very kind. I just have to have a very special diet because I know what my body needs to sustain itself after losing one hundred pounds. Don’t worry, I brought food every day, but I didn’t plan as carefully as I should have.

I did go home every night and made sure to eat. I also made sure to eat a big breakfast every morning. I don’t want to make it seem like I starved myself, because I most certainly did not, as I stated before, but I should have done some more planning beforehand. Like, cooked more ahead of time and brought it with me.

I want to be fair and say that I’ve never worked a schedule like this before. So, I went into a little blind. I’m going to be working another schedule similar to this week after next. I’m excited because I love my work! I’m going to make sure to be better prepared, though. I’m going to sit down and plan out everything.

I’m writing this to let you know that food equals fuel. You need your energy. I’ll let you know how it goes in two weeks!


My Healthy Eating Challenge for Students

It’s Monday. Happy Memorial Day! I’m once again doing a healthy eating challenge for students. Now, anyone can do this, but I’m aiming at students because of their tight budget. I’m trying to show that they can eat healthy within a budget.

This week, we’re making a salad. Here’s the ingredients and the cost of each.

Spinach- $2.50 for the bag.

Can of chickpeas- 99 cents for the can.

Olive Oil- $6.00 for a big bottle.

Broccoli- $2.50 for the bag.

Vinegar- Around $2.00

Here are the calories:

Spinach- 10 Calories for two cups.

Chickpeas- 55 Calories for 1/4 Cup.

Broccoli- 30 Calories for 3 oz.

Olive Oil- 120 Calories for one tbsp. (You can use one tsp. That’s what I do.)

Vinegar- 0 Calories for one tsp.

Here’s the cost of each of the servings:

2 Cups of Spinach- $1.25

3 oz of Broccoli- 84 cents.

1/4 Cup Chickpeas- 25 cents.

1 tbsp. Oil and 1 tsp. Vinegar- 15 cents.

Total: $2.49 for the salad! Not bad!

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into healthy eating on the cheap. I’ll be doing this again next Monday.

My Reaction to the Film Fed Up.

Fed Up is a 2014 documentary about the childhood obesity epidemic. Katie Couric narrated it and Stephanie Soechtig wrote, directed, and produced it. I recently saw it on Netfilx and thought that it would be worth talking about it on my blog.

First, there are a few children that are dealing with obesity and the everyday problems associated with it, such as health problems and self esteem issues. You saw their parents making a genuine effort to make healthier choices, but there was a lot about nutrition that they didn’t know about, which is understandable.

Several times in the movie they pointed fingers at sugar, processed foods, the government, schools, and advertisements. There were some excellent points that were made, like how a calorie isn’t just a calorie and the sneaky ways companies have been able to keep unhealthy foods in schools.

They were right that a calorie isn’t just a calorie, but it seemed as though they didn’t stress the importance of exercise enough. One girl stayed obese despite the fact that she was very physically active. Like I said, I agree that not all calories are created equal, but you will gain weight if you take in more than you consume. I felt like they denied that fact.

As stated earlier, they were quick to blame the government and advertisements. They play a factor without a doubt, but repeatedly you saw the parents making the wrong decisions. It was heartbreaking because they not only truly meant well, but their children were so miserable.

This all comes down to, in my opinion, the information that’s available to society about healthy eating. I thankfully had my Mom guide me some, but I also had to comb the internet with what I felt like made sense to me. I also took a free class about nutrition offered by my local library. All this helped me.

I just can’t help but wonder why people-parents included, aren’t being told about the information that’s out there? Sure, there are websites like the Food Pyramid, and the American Heart Association, which are always good resources. But really, how many people know that they should even start there? I certainly didn’t!

In way, this kind of confirms what the movie was saying about our TV advertisements. Where are the ones about the Food Pyramid or My Plate? Where are the ones featuring products such as Vegetable Medley, Organic Girl, and Sprout’s Supermarket?

This also confirms what they were saying about the funding that healthy companies get from the government. Why aren’t they in schools, colleges, and libraries offering information? The movie asked if every time a celebrity endorses an unhealthy product, should they run an ad right after for something healthy? A fair question.

Hopefully, we as a society can start demanding more of what we need. Maybe we should start writing to companies like the Whole Grains Council and the American Heart Association asking what we can do to help them get the word out about healthy living/eating. I know that I need to get on that.

Every little bit of effort helps. The more we demand of what we need, the more likely it will be that we can get it. They stopped the smoking advertisements and started telling you to drink responsibly in beer commercials, so why can’t they advertise healthier eating and living?