Happier Than Ever

Once upon a time, I was 200 pounds. I didn’t wear shorts and I avoided having my picture taken. I got word that I had elevated blood pressure and that I was pre-diabetic. I went on a spiritual and physical journey and I lost 100 pounds. It was great! But there was residue.

It’s hard when you have the media telling you that the odds are stacked against you. It’s hurtful being told that I’m going to end up failing. That does a lot to you emotionally and mentally. I started getting too careful with calories and eating right. I began losing too much weight. Not good.

The thing is, I know myself better than anyone else does. I know that I will not gain the weight back. I’ve learned knew things about being healthy that has forever changed me. Plus, I like the way I eat. I’m not unhappy with that aspect at all. I’ve also learned not to turn to food for comfort.

The ultimate problem is that I’ve listened too much to statistics and people in the media being negative about keeping the weight off. I’ve let it cause me too much anxiety. I’m sick and tired of it. No one has the right to say that I, or anyone else for that matter, will put the weight back on.

The bottom line is that I’m a strong woman of God. I’ve been through a lot. I’m a fighter. If I have to fight the rest of my life, I know that I can do it. Chances are, you can too. Don’t let others doubt you. I will not let that happen any longer. I’m giving this to Jesus. Everything will work out in the end. It will for you, too!


Health and Fellowship

I’ve been doing a lot of praying and thinking lately. I feel like I want to take what I know about health, fitness, and nutrition and take it to a ministry. A friend of mine from church and I want to start a fitness group next summer at our church. A woman that I work for gave me the idea. I’m really excited!

I feel like this will help me in the long run. I’ll still be really active in the health community, but incorporating the LORD into it will take it in a more balanced direction. I feel like my faith got me through my obesity and now it can help me get over my anxiety over regaining the weight.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have an eating disorder, but I do have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and I have OCD. So, me becoming too engrossed over calories is just part of it. I’ve been doing well ever since I came clean on here and have submitted my worries to God. It’s not that my anxiety has been cured, but it’ll help me live out His purpose for me better.

I hope to someday do more when it comes to health and the ministry. I pray that my church will always be a part of it. I hope and pray to go far not only in the health community, but leading others to Jesus Christ as well.

A New Direction

So, I haven’t been completely honest with you all. Although I’m still interested in health, my anxiety has been getting the best of me lately. I’ve become too obsessive over my food and exercising. It’s really starting to take a toll on me mentally.

What does this mean for me and my blog? First off, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be here doing my beloved reviews and writing about nutrition. But I want to talk about other health related topics, like mental health and other health issues that’s not just about weight and dieting.

I’ll also talk about my plans for recovery and healing. I don’t ever want to regain my weight back, but this obsessive behavior is just as bad. I need to find that balance. I am confidant that I can do it. Sure, this may be a step back, but like I said in a review, that’s life.

So, stick around. We’ve got a brand new adventure to go on!

My Review of the Book Half-Assed

Half-Assed is the 2008 weight-loss memoir written by Jennette Fulda. The book is an honest, sometimes humorous take on Fulda’s journey going from 372 pounds to losing half her body weight, as well as starting a blog.

What’s very interesting about her story is that there was not a single traumatic event that caused her to gain weight. Likewise, there was not a single, dramatic event that caused her to start losing the weight. I like seeing a different take on the weight loss success story. It wasn’t so typical. That’s refreshing.

I applaud Fulda for not blaming anyone or anything for her weight gain. I get so tired of hearing of people blaming their weight on so many variables. She doesn’t do that at all. She doesn’t make any excuses. That makes for a more enjoyable read.

For those of you that were mad that she didn’t give out dieting advice, I want to point out that this book is a memoir, it’s not a diet plan. There are plenty of books like that out there. This book, however, is about a strong woman’s journey.

I loved her sense of humor! The book wasn’t her sitting around feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she used her sharp wit as a great way to keep the reader from feeling bummed. There have been some weight-loss books that have been so hard for me to get through because of how sad they were. Thank goodness that didn’t happen here. Life is sad enough as it is!

Along her journey, she still had slips and crazy moments, like when she licked the spoon without thinking after feeding her cat his food. But that just makes her story more relatable. We all have had embarrassing moments and places during our journey where we fall. That’s life.
I highly recommend this book. I had a blast reading it and finished it quickly because I honestly couldn’t put it down! If you want more info on her, you can visit her blog here. You can also order Half-Assed here.

Plus Size Fashion

I’m going to review a book called Half-Assed for my blog this week. Before I do, I want to talk about something that the author brought up in her book. What happened was that she mentioned that there were not a lot of plus sized retailers out there and that Lane Bryant only went up to a size 28. Not only that, but that the style of clothing in the plus size department hasn’t always been very fashionable.

She’s right! A lot of stores don’t carry past a size 14 and most plus size retailers are online. There have been some more stores that have popped up, but the prices are crazy. Even when it comes to the larger sizes in department stores, it’s usually a few dollars more. The extra material doesn’t cost that much.

It’s not just the stores at the mall, though. The online companies that carry clothes that are larger than a size 28 can run up to $100 per shirt. Can you imagine having to decide between having to pay for groceries and a new shirt? That’s just plain degrading right there.

I don’t want to complain too much, though. We are in a slightly better time than we were twenty years ago. My husband and I were at the mall yesterday and we saw more stores offering plus sizes. Some stores had some displayed right at the windows. That’s progress, especially considering that this mall used to only have a Lane Bryant there. Now, there are more options. Like I said, progress.

I wish that more celebrities would design clothing lines for women of all shapes and sizes. Not just go up to a size 8. I do believe that we’ll see that day, though. Times are changing. I know that it may not seem like there has been as much progress as there should have been, and I get that. But, seeing the number of plus size stores and stores offering additional sizes shows me that fashion really is moving forward.

Speaking of sizes, I hate the way that designers label them. You can be a 4 in one pair of jeans and a 7 in another. The author of Half-Assed humorously pointed out that a size 28 in jeans meant nothing more than the number of tears that you shed. As a matter of fact, there is a very popular fashion blogger that is a plus size that has been asked many times what size she is. She admits that it’s hard to say and that she could be anywhere from a size 10-20. That’s fashion, folks!

Let me just say one more thing before I end this. I know that it’s no where near as hard for someone who is a size 0 as it is for a person who is a size 32. I get that, I’m not naive. But I do want to say that it’s still not OK to tell women that are a size 0 that they’re too thin. It doesn’t give you any more right to say that as it would for someone to say that you’re too big. I’m not trying to sound like a preacher, but there is something to be said about treating others the way you would want to be treated. Bottom line, love your body and love others, too.

My Healthy Breakfast for Students

Welcome to another healthy eating challenge! This week I’m going to help you make a healthy breakfast sandwich. It’s not only frugal, but it fills you up. Here are the ingredients and prices.

18 Eggs- $4.74

Borden’s Skim Milk Cheese- $2.50 for 16 Slices

Thomas’100% Whole Wheat English Muffins- $2.18 for 6

Now, here are the prices rounded down to what was used.

2 Egg Whites- 53 Cents

1 Slice of Cheese- 16 cents

Whole Wheat English Muffin- 37 Cents

Here are the calories of each one.

Egg Whites- I believe it’s 16 calories per egg white.

Cheese- 30 Calories

English Muffin- 120 Calories

This breakfast came to a grand total of $1.06. That’s less than an Egg McMuffin!

Overweight: What Kids Say Book Review

Overweight: What Kids Say is a book by Robert A. Pretlow, MD. Robert helps oversee a website called Blubber Busters. The site is where kids of all ages and even some parents can discuss their weight problems. The book is a collection of posts from the website straight from the kids mouths about the obesity epidemic that is going on with them.

The kids speak very honestly about why they that they’re overweight. Surprisingly, not a lot of them blame the media and the lack of health information. Instead, a lot of them blame the fact that their parents keep bringing the wrong foods around, lack of motivation, not a lot of help from doctors, depression, and binge eating.

The book is heartbreaking, but eye opening. I read firsthand that these kids are going through so much pain, but they either can’t break bad habits or don’t get the support that they need. When I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think that we as a society are so quick to blame the media but worried enough about getting the support out there that these kids need.

Blubber Busters is a great website because it gives kids support. When you read this book, you’ll feel motivated to do something to help the kids as well. Maybe there can be more support groups at places of worship or at rec centers. Another idea is that there can be a way that kids can find a weight loss buddy to encourage them.

I highly recommend this book. Instead of blaming this and that, you’ll read from these kids what is going on in their lives. They need to be listened to. I feel like this book gives them the voice that they need.

You can buy the book here and check out Blubber Busters here.