True Life-I’m Going to Fat Camp

Do you remember that old episode of True Life where three people, Ben, Jennifer and Stephanie all went to the Weight Loss Camp named Camp Shane? Well, it’s on YouTube and I’ve been watching it lately. So, because the show is available, I thought that I’d share my thoughts.

I felt very bad for Ben. At the time of this filming, this was going to be his eighth summer at Camp Shane. A lot of people couldn’t figure out why Ben kept going back when it wasn’t sticking. His mom had said that they had exhausted all other options. I believe that they kept sending him back because they didn’t want to give up on him.

Jennifer seemed like the sweetest woman. She looked like she was taking camp very seriously. It was heartbreaking seeing her struggle with food so much. I understand her situation, though. She lived in Baton Rouge and talked about how a lot of the events there revolved around food. This is very true, but not just Baton Rouge. You’ll see that all over the South. I love living here, but boy, we sure do love us some fried food!

Stephanie admitted to being the “princess camper.” You see her complaining and sitting out during workout sessions. This made people mad and still does to this day. Yes, we saw some attitude from her, but I can’t help but think that she was edited to be the episode’s villain. She probably had more good moments than bad, but we just saw the bad ones because they made for good TV. That’s just how I feel.

One of the reasons why I’m so defensive of Stephanie is because of the fact that I’ve constantly heard how a show will edit a person to look a certain way. MTV is not above this tactic. This isn’t me dissing the network, just saying that this has happened with them more than once.

The other reason why I’m so defensive of her is because she seems to have taken her experiences from the show seriously. From what I’ve seen, she’s in really good shape today and is a beach body coach. That doesn’t sound lazy to me!

For those of you that are critical of these three for their weight issues, cut them some slack. I’ve been obese and it’s not easy. It’s also not as simple as just “putting down the fork.” They really seemed to be trying. Ben may have been returning back to camp for the eighth time, but at least he had the gall to keep showing up. A lot of people would be too humiliated to keep returning.

Best of luck to these three! Keep fighting the good fight!