She’s Losing It! Book Review

She’s Losing It! is the 2015 memoir by Lisa A. Traugott. When Lisa’s 20th high school reunion approaches and personal/professional life seems to be hanging by a thread, she decides to do the unthinkable and enter a bikini competition.

Lisa started out at the beginning of this as a frazzled wife and mother of two lovely kids. She had a dependency on food, was almost in the “obese” category, struggling with her business, was trying to be a good wife and mother and was left feeling really bad about herself. She took a chance, joined a gym, started a blog, hired a trainer named Daniel and together, got her competition ready. Lisa lost 50 pounds, gained muscle and learned new things about herself personally along the way.

I loved this book! I had the best time reading it. Lisa is so adorable, but will stand toe-to-toe with anyone that stands in her way. She admits when she’s messed up and laughs about it along the way. She makes no excuses, just tells her story as it is. She’s soccer mom one minute and a workout machine the next.

Her sheer focus was so inspiring. She really had a hard time. There was potty training, work, food cravings, twice a day workouts, and on top of all that, it was all crazy expensive! But she never, ever gave up. There were times that others doubted her. It hurt, but she kept going.

Lisa, you have gotten yourself a new fan! I encourage you all to check out her blog here. You can also follow her on Twitter here and buy her book here.